Juan 18: 33-37

What is the Truth?

Jesus was taken to Pilate by the priests of the Temple since they wanted Pilate to condemn him to death. Pilate resisted. However, suddenly, he became aware that he had no other option. The balance of the Empire had to be maintained at all costs. The balance between the Romans and the Jews, between the political and the religious. An uneven balance, since the Romans ruled and the Jews obeyed. And, for this, the life of someone had to be sacrificed. The life of yet another prophet, another revolutionary. And, why not?

And, Jesus answered him: “My Kingdom is not of this world.” Because, for them, that is, for the priests of the Temple as well as for the Romans, everything is a question of empire or empires – for some the religious empire and for others the political empire. Everything is a question of power.

For Jesus, his Kingdom is not of this world. It is not a question of yet another empire, made of power and glory, built with the blood and the life of the poor and the humble. For Jesus, it is a question of being a witness of the Truth. And, the Truth is a question: Cain, where is your brother Abel?

What have you done with him? (Cf. Gen 4:8-10) Isn’t God father and mother of us all? Aren’t we all sisters and brothers? For Jesus, the truth has two names and they are justice and compassion.

He was condemned to death, and was tortured and was crucified. And he died, as someone lost and abandoned. The Empire cannot tolerate the Truth and he was and is the Truth.

Lord, help us to live in the Truth. Give us the courage to walk the way of justice and compassion.

For Saint Luke’s.


Fr. José

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